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Product Info

The Thermo Weave adopts polypropylene technology which  forms a heat insulating layer of air on the skin surface ensuring the body is heated efficiently.

Recent ‘road racing’ indoor event in Korea where Thermoweave was used by many of the riders, with 500% stretch it allows maximum freedom of movement.

Sizing Guide

To fit ChestInches
S / M28 – 38
M / L32 – 41
XL35 – 47

As there is quite a wide gap the wearer can choose as to how tight he wishes to wear this product, for example a 38” chest could fit into all three sizes it just depends how tight he or she wishes to wear it.

On a standard garment sweat treatment is not effective as cold air enters the layer between the skin and the garment itself. Sweat attempts to cool the body down and as such removes heat from the body depriving it of energy. The thermal conductivity of water (sweat) is around 25 times that of air.

With Thermo Weave its 500% more stretchable than a standard garment so there are no gaps between the garment itself and the skin no matter how vigorously the body moves. Thermo weave constantly works at removing sweat from the garment and the wearer – effectively it supresses cold ‘negative’ sweat.

Antimicrobial qualities

Thermo Weave uses Polygiene® adopted silver ion antibacterial processing – 99% of bacteria causing odours are caused by sweat, the thermo weaves special processing ensures this unpleasant odour is removed from the garment wash after wash.