Japanese quality and history

The Zerofit brand is the brain child of Mr Koji Higashi owner and founder of Eon Sports who are based in Kobe, Japan. Mr Higashi launched the Zerofit brand in 2005, being a fitness fanatic, a single figure golfer and the owner of premium end Japanese golf hardware brand Giga he was constantly finding himself being cold while playing golf or doing more active sport such as running. Initially very technical active baselayer products were developed under the banner of ‘Smart warriors’, however the brand exploded in Japan in 2010 with the launch of the heat rub range of products which offers ultimate warmth but allow the wearer freedom of movement to carry out their favourite outdoor activity.

As the no 1 baselayer in japan, zerofit has only recently been made available for sale outside of japan. Zerofit successfully launched in the uk in fall 2018 and is now launching in north america through our exclusive distribution partner zf north america llc, the only authorized wholesaler and on-line retailer of zerofit in north america. Details can be found in the contact page.

Introducing Heatrub from Zerofit

Heat Rub is unique, designed in Japan. Quite simple there is no other base layer in the world made in this way. A traditional base layer seals in body heat. Heat Rub goes beyond, gently rubbing the skin with soft extra long fibers to create frictional heating. This enables your body to focus its energy on performance versus keeping warm.